Are Generic Drugs Similar to Brand Name Drugs?

Wondering why the pharmacist is suggesting you generic medicine instead of the medicine prescribed by your doctor? Confused between a generic medicine and the prescribed brand name drugs? 

Let’s not get confused and choose the best possible drug for your good health. 

Nutrition and medication are the two fundamentals of life. You need to have both to sustain healthily on this earth. When it comes to food, we have the option of quality with affordability. However, this criterion is yet to be fulfilled in terms of medicines. 

Quality medicines take away a huge part of your savings, burning a big hole in your pocket. People belonging to different social strata face similar budget issues, due to the expensive medicines, prescribed by their doctors. The medicines prescribed by the doctors are often expensive because of the branded pharmacy associated with the manufacturing of that medicine. Instead of buying such expensive medicine, you can switch over to Generic Drugs that are easily available in all the generic pharmacies around you.

What is the difference between Generic medicine and Branded drugs?

Generic Drugs are medicines, created with the same substances as an already existing brand-name drug in the market in dosage form, safety, and strength, route of administration, quality and performance characteristics. 

Branded drugs are medicines which have a name given to them by an already existing pharmaceutical company for advertising and publicity. The names of branded medicines are different from the International Nonproprietary Name (INN), also known as the generic name.

The branded medicines prescribed by your doctor are not only specific to certain medicine shops, but it is equally pricey. However, Generic Drugs are effective and affordable as their alternative ‘Brands’.

Benefits of Generic Medicines 

Generic drug alternatives are an effective and FDA-approved option for you. Such drugs are identical to their brand name counterpart in several categories, such as form, dosage, performance characteristics, strength, safety and quality. The generic option is considered to be bioequivalent.

Generic Drugs are money savers

As per the Food and Drug Association (FDA), generic drugs can cost an estimated 75-85 per cent less than branded medicines. This is because the research performed with brand-name drugs do not have to be done with their bioequivalent generic replacement, helping to cut the cost, automatically.

Generic Equivalents are easily available

Patients often worry about getting the exact brand name of the particular medicine. But if they come to Generic Plus Pharmacy, they do not need to investigate much to find alternatives to many popular brand-name drugs. We offer a large number of popular medications with high-quality generic equivalents, as approximately 10,000 generic drugs are available to our consumers. For example, the allergy medication, Allegra, can be switched with Fexofenadine. 

Stick to Generic

Patients are three times more likely to abandon branded prescriptions compared to their generic alternatives, and oftentimes this abandonment is due to higher copays. Also, when it comes to helping out are people, who need to take prescription drugs, Generic Plus Pharmacy store are an accessible and affordable option for the patients. We ensure you that our generic drugs maintain the same concentration, form and dosage as the original ‘branded’ medication.  Also, the quality of the products is maintained under the guidance of several medical experts. We believe in 100% stock availability of all the drugs and generic medicines in all our stores. 

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