Benefits of Generic Medicines & its cost-effectiveness over branded drugs

Have you ever thought of buying cost-effective medicines rather than spending your hard-earned cash on prescribed medications? Is it the quality issue that stops you from saving money on medicines? 

Medication can force you to pay a heavy price for your health. Be it a short-term treatment or multiple drugs you take often, prescriptions can have a serious impact on your savings.

The generic versions of brand-name drugs are significantly less pricey and are equally effective. Generic medicines can never compromise in quality because they are lab-tested and certified drugs. These medicines can be highly beneficial for you.

Benefits of Generic Medicine 

Generic Equivalents are easily available

Generic Medicines are available in almost every pharmacy near you. At Generic Plus Pharmacy, you do not have to investigate much to find alternatives to the popular brand-name drugs. We offer a large number of popular medications with high-quality generic equivalents at our store.

It is approved by FDA  

The Food and Drug Association (FDA), has set strict guidelines and performs research and trials on generic drugs to make sure that they are bioequivalent to the branded drugs.

It costs less without compromising the quality

As per the Food and Drug Association (FDA), generic drugs can cost an estimated 75-85 per cent less than branded medicines. 

Why are the Generic Medicines cost-effective?

Unlike the brand-name drug companies, the generic drug manufacturers do not invest huge capital. This is because the research performed with brand-name drugs do not have to be done with their bioequivalent generic replacement, helping to cut the cost, automatically.

Before introducing the medicines in the market, Brand-name companies invent the drug and let it pass through various research and clinical trials. Only after the FDA approval, the company is permitted to invest in marketing, advertising, and distribution of the drug. It’s a long and costly process.

A brand-name company holds the rights on a drug for a certain period from when the drug is invented. The process may take years before the branded drug reaches the marketplace, which can reduce the time frame for the company to make back its investment and profit. Once the patent expires, and because the formula is already known, Generic Drug Companies make their own FDA approved generic versions and charge much less. This is the reason why generic medicines are cost-effective over branded drugs.

So, whenever you are prescribed with a branded medicine, do inquire about the generic versions from your doctor. You can also look for the generic medical shop near your locality.

Another important thing is that, if you are not successful in purchasing with one type of generic drug, you do not have to switch to the name-brand version. A similar drug can have multiple generic versions.

Where can you buy Generic Drugs?

Apart from the various “Jan Aushadhis”, the government initiated generic medicine pharmacy stores; you can buy the generic medicines from Generic Plus Pharmacy.

Generic Plus Pharmacy is one of the Best Pharmacy Stores in Telangana. We provide the best-quality, lab-tested and certified medicines at affordable prices. Our generic medicines are the perfect alternative for the branded medicines, prescribed by your doctor.

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