There should not be a single point of argument that life after COVID 19 is completely different as it was before. The arrival of this virus had a huge effect on our lifestyle, food habits, and work habits and has changed our lives in more ways than we can count. The new normal after coronavirus, lifestyles have endured us with some sort of hardships, be it physical, psychological, or financial. Recent studies show that it has a more unpleasant effect on certain aspects of women’s health, and especially the working women.

More often, women are facing problems and the list of menstrual problems includes irregular periods to frequent periods and cramps during periods. If you are experiencing any one of them, know someone who is facing the same, then do give a read to this.

When will you know you are having irregular periods?

A woman usually gets her period once every month (from puberty to menopause) until and unless she’s having a problem. The time between one period to next is called the menstrual cycle and usually, the length of the cycle is 28-35 days.

And if your cycle length is of 28 days, then your next period should always come after or on 28th day from the date of your last period. If it is delayed or does not arrive within 35 days and has happened frequently, then you need to get yourself checked. The exception lies if you are pregnant or expecting something like this. You can buy the instant pregnancy testing kits from the best pharmacy store for branded medicine to be sure.

Is COVID-19 causing menstrual problems?

Doctors have reported that there has been a 25 % rise in the number of women experiencing irregular periods and menstrual problems since the lockdown was implemented. And the nationwide lockdown and change of lifestyles have affected the major factors responsible for menstrual health, like

  • A stress-free life, with no worries and anxieties
  • Regular exercises and healthy BMI
  • A healthy and proper diet

How Coronavirus Changes Lifestyle and Work?

As we all know, lockdown due to COVID-19 has affected all the crucial factors and in turn, has affected the menstrual cycles.


Stress levels are higher than ever before as in the present scenario women are dealing with all responsibilities at once- from household chores, office work to child care, everything is taking a toll on their psychological health. Burnout and mental exhaustion is very common. Add on to this, constantly worrying about the health and wellbeing of loved ones increases the stress level. As a result of which, excess amounts of hormones like prolactin and cortisol are being released by the body which in turn hampers the normal cycle of estrogen-progesterone that regulates periods.

Lack of exercise:

As gyms are closed and since women are hardly getting out, they are tired due to day-long work, and hardly find time for themselves or for workout. As a result, it hampers the releases of endorphins and serotonin (happy hormones) which in turn counters the stress hormones and contributes in irregular periods.

Unhealthy diet

Women are bingeing on unhealthy fried fast foods to cheer themselves up and combat stress. Fatty junk foods like burgers, pasta, rolls, fries etc contain saturated fatty acids that disturb the regular estrogen-progesterone secretion.

If you are now looking for how to keep yourself healthy easily and ways to combat the problems, here, we are sharing some ways as suggested by various doctors

Exercise Daily:

At least find 20 minutes daily to do some simple yoga and exercise to increase the blood flow and release of happy hormones.

Check on eating habits:

Avoid frozen and fast foods. Include green vegetables, healthy fruits, dark chocolates, in your diet which are beneficial for your ovaries and reduces the pain.

Beat Stress:

The most important factor to cut down all your health problems. To combat stress listen to soft music, practice meditation at least for 15 minutes and pursue your hobby to relax.

Along with irregular periods, the menstruation problems of continuous bleeding may lead you to serious health problems like anemia and low blood pressure. Your diet and the daily dose of prescribed medicines bought from the best pharmacy store for generic medicine can help you.

Amidst all these, menstrual hygiene should be on top of your mind. Use the best sanitary napkins available at the best pharmacy store near you.

Just remember you are not alone in all these, you have your loved ones by your side and this too shall pass. Focus on healthy living, exercise, and stay safe, remain at home.

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